Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I buy as well as hire? Yes, of course. Joshua Adams is a menswear retailer as well as a formal hirewear shop. Often Grooms or other party members buy garments and other hire if your choice is from the hirewear collection.
  • Is made to measure available? Yes, there are a number of options for made to measure suits separate from the hirewear collections. Please allow 8-12 weeks prior to the wedding from order and make an appointment with a member of the team who specialises in this area.
  • When is the best time to order? It is recommended that you place an order when it’s best for you. Joshua Adams is one of the largest independent stockists of hirewear garments in the region. Just bear in mind deposits are required at point of order and that the busiest season for hire is generally April to October and December. Many people order months in advance it can spread the cost of a wedding and provides comfort everything is in hand. Planning an event, in particular a wedding can take some real effort so allow time to make the right choices.
  • Do people hire other than weddings?Definitely. Many customers hire as a single wearer. Often these are wedding guests, other occasions such as christening, black tie events, corporate events, prom and even funerals.
  • Is an appointment needed? It is recommended that an appointment is made so you are guaranteed a dedicated member of staff and that fittings rooms are available. Having said this, we welcome walk in’s and we’ll try out best to accommodate you.
  • When does everybody need to be measured? Once you have decided on your suit combination it is recommended that all wearers are measured as soon as possible but no longer than 8 weeks prior to the wear date.
  • Not everybody is based locally? That’s ok we are used to that. The Joshua Adams team will provide you with information on how to take measurements. The wearers sizes will then be added to your order and arrangements will be made with you for when they are able to come into store. The main thing is don’t panic, our team is experienced and have been dressing grooms, groomsmen and guests since 2010 we’ve had wearers as far as Australia and even on occasions some who have not made it into the store. We’ve even visited wearers at home if they are not able bodied to ensure that everybody in your party can wear the same suits.
  • What happens if anybody loses or gains weight? Don’t worry, this can happen specially with the recent trend in health and fitness. However, it is important that you and all wearers understand that when measured these are the sizes allocated on our system and should anybody lose or gain weight it is imperative that they be remeasured. For any wearer who has gained or lost weight and not informed us in adequate time or prior to collection we will try our best but cannot guarantee availability alternative sizes. If you are concerned about this please speak to a member of the Joshua Adams team.
  • Little ones can grow, how do we deal with this? The Joshua Adams team is experienced in dealing with children and teens. Little people will still be measured at the same time as adult wearers, however we will arrange with you for another measure generally 2-4 weeks prior to the wear date.
  • How much is hire wear? This can vary depending on your suit combination, packages start from £69, visit our price list or call into the store for further details. You can always email your enquiry.
  • When is collection and return? Collections are generally Wednesdays prior to the wear date and returns are Monday, except bank holiday when the return date is then the Tuesday post wear date.
  • What happens when we’re on honeymoon for the return date? We recommend that you arrange with a member of the party to return all of the suits, or each wearer returns their suit. To ensure that all returns are made we take a telephone number and email address of each wearer so we are not contacting you whilst on honeymoon. Please be aware that there is a daily charge of £6 per wearer until items are returned.
  • What happens if an item is damaged on the wear date? Garments are insured and covered by accidental damage. This includes circumstances such as split food, alcohol stains or if someone is unwell. If this occurs please do not under any circumstance wash any garments, return them as soon as possible as the team will take care of the damage. Malicious damage is not covered, nor are missing garments. These will be charged at RRP, for details of RRP costs please ask a member of the Joshua Adams team.
  • Most of all Don’t worry our team are very experienced in hirewear and if you have any concerns please discuss them with us.