Looking for the perfect accessory to complete your look? Try the flat cap.


Looking for the perfect accessory to complete your look?

 Try the flat cap.

 We're no longer in the days where the law demands that all men wear a woollen cap on Sundays... but we wish we were!!

 From the 1570s to the 1590s, before the days of the Prime Minister, the British government supported the wool industry by demanding that all men (except English noblemen) had to wear a woollen cap on Sundays. We think this is a grand tradition to continue and have a fabulous array of flat caps in both our Cleckheaton and Ilkley stores to support this tradition.

 Flat caps can be worn both as a casual style with a cotton T-shirt and jeans or to complement a suit with the same pattern or simply pick a colour from the suit to style a plain hat. In store we have a choice of newsboy and flat cap styles in a range of patterns and materials. The newsboy style has a wider base, where the flat cap has a longer peak, the choice is yours!

Call in try on a cap and let's bring back the tradition!